10 Business English Phrases for Job Interviews

10 Business English Phrases for Job Interviewse

Purpose: The purpose of this Roleplay is to show listeners how to properly answer questions during a job interview. We teach them, however, if they listen, they will learn how to answer with the proper pauses and intonation.

Piyush: Hello Vishaal, thanks for coming today.

Vishaal: Thank you for having me for the interview.

Piyush: Now, why don’t you start by telling me about your employment background?

Vishaal: Sure. I have been a Training professional for the last ten years. I have worked in training and management roles with a number of companies. I started work with ABC company in 2002 as an executive, worked my way up to the training department and have been doing that ever since.

Piyush: What are some of the industries you’ve worked in?

Vishaal: I have worked in telecommunications, financial services, travel, and recruitment.

Piyush: What would you say your strengths are?

Vishaal: My strengths are in creating training modules specific to learners, processes to ensure more effective learning and manage students efficiently. This helps save time and money for my employers.

Piyush: What would you say are your weaknesses?

Vishaal: My weakness is getting too involved with my job. I find it difficult to give time to my family and friends; however, I am working at striking a better work-life balance.

Piyush: Why do you think you would be a good addition to this team?

Vishaal: I am a very hard worker and a team player. I believe in high-quality training and am focusing on getting the job done. I have the technical skills and the experience required to work well with your team and deliver results.

Piyush: Why did you leave your last job?

Vishaal: I decided to leave my last job because I wanted the opportunity to grow and excel with a high performing team, and I felt that I have gone as far as I could with my previous employer.

Piyush: Where do you want to be in 3 years?

Vishaal: I want to be working for your company in a leadership role with more responsibilities which I know I am capable to handle.

Piyush: Do you have any questions about the job?

Alright, Listeners, let’s do a recap and we will come To the questions as a part of the recap.


  1. Thank you for having me for the interview.: Thanking the interviewer as the interview starts shows that you value their time. So, don’t just say Thank you, use this phrase.
  2. Have worked in various teaching and management roles: you MUST make it a smooth flowing answer. Don’t just list the years and companies you worked for. That is already on your CV
  3. I have worked in: AGAIN, Don’t only list the industries, use full sentences to make it like a conversation. This shows you are comfortable talking to new people.
  4. This helps save time and money for my employers: Always tell them how your strengths can benefit the company doesn’t only list your strengths.
  5. I am working at striking a better work-life balance: When asked about your weaknesses, always end on a positive note.
  6. I have the technical skills and the experience required to work well with your team and deliver results: When asked why you want to join, don’t only say, hard worker, explain.
  7. I felt that I have gone as far as I could with my previous employer: never say anything bad about your previous employer. Here you are saying that you want more responsibility but there is no more opportunity at your current job.
  8. I know I am capable to handle: Tell them that you already know you have the ability. This shows your attitude is very good and you are ready to work
  9. Phrases to use in job interview Questions ask the interviewer:

We must ask questions and use phrases, questions like:

What is the further process of the interview?

What will the orientation process consist of?

What is the further process of this interview?

How will I receive feedback on my performance?

What critical issues is the organization currently facing?

What traits do you consider critical to success in this position?

What other training and professional development opportunities exist within this department

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position: Again, thanking them at the end shows that you value their time.

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