Techniques to Eliminate Your MTI

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How to remove MTI?

There are certain sounds that we must practice in order to remove our MTI.

As mentioned earlier, we need to identify from where we come in order to understand which part of MTI we need to remove.

Let’s look at the most common sound errors:

  1. If we are from North Or West India, we have a problem with the S and SH sound
  • The S is pronounced as the  in Hindi and
  • The SH is Pronounced as the .

Before we move on to words, we MUST practice the sounds.

In order to make the S sound, We must place the tongue flat on the roof of the mouth, stretch your lips like you are smiling and let the air out and say Ssssssss…..Ssssssssss

For the SH sound, we have to place the tongue flat on the roof of the mouth, ROUND your lips and say Shhhhh…Shhhh….

Now practice both sounds

S, Sh, S, Sh, S, Sh, S, Sh,

Now move on to words, here is a tongue twister:

She Sells Sea Shells on the sea shore.

You must first practice only the S and Sh sounds slowly first and then quicker, then try the Tongue twister one word at a time

  1. People from East India, mostly have a V and W pronunciation issue.
  • To pronounce the “V”, place your bottom lip lightly under the top teeth and say “V”. Do NOT round your lips. Again V

Try this tongue twister: Vincent Vowed Vengeance Very Vehemently

To pronounce the “W” sound, round your lips and push the air out, and say Wh.. Again Wh

Try this tongue Twister:

Whether  the  weather is cool. Whether the  weather is hot.

We will enjoy the weather. Whatever the weather be

  1. People from South India mostly have a speed issue.

The first thing is for us to speak slowly. As Indians, we speak at approximately 130 words per minute. The reason for this is that our Mother Tongues are spoken very fast and since a young age, we are used to hearing and understanding that speed.

Here is an exercise to slow down:

  1. Choose a text that is approximately 75-200 words long. Pick something that you think you can read easily, such as a book from one of your English classes, or even a newspaper.
  2. Now, Read the passage and time yourself. See how long it took you to read the passage.
  3. Read the same passage again, but Add 15 seconds to your time… For Example, If it takes you 3 minutes the first time, the same passage should take you 3 minutes 15 seconds.
  4. Read the same passage again, add another 15 seconds. So, the passage that took you 3 minutes should take you 3 minutes 30 seconds.

There are other sounds that we need to practice. The table below can help. Follow the instructions.



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