Public Speaking and Business Presentations

Public speaking and presentations are similar in the case that there is a group of people to address too. However presentations are always formal where as speeches can be formal or informal. Presentations are more informative and interactive. The interaction of people, the amount of information, the purpose and the audience differs in speeches and presentations. When we hear about giving a speech or a presentation the first thing that comes to our mind is talking in front of people, stage fright and nervousness. Through proper preparation and planning, you can overcome this. You need to develop the skill of being able to convey your thoughts, ideas and information clearly and systematically in front of people.

Plan the whole affair:

You would probably sit with a pen and a paper when you are planning a function or a party. You would pen down all the things you require or the things that you need to do. By doing so you get a clear picture of what is to be done and things are done systematically without confusion. Apply the same rule here and things will get easy.

While planning the most important thing to be done first is to know and be clear about the purpose, the reason why you need to speak or present. Planning means answering the questions such as what, when, where, who, why and how.

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