Email Writing Course

Course Objective

Enhance organizational efficiency by writing clear, concise and courteous emails in a professional manner through an Email writing course.

  • Write clear, concise and courteous emails in a professional way
  • A friendly but professional email writing style
  • Assurance that your emails and other correspondence receive the attention they deserve through an Email writing course.
  • Increased awareness of best practice and email writing etiquette
  • Improve the speed and effectiveness of your email correspondence
  • Develop your rapport with virtual email correspondents
  • Use appropriate tone and language to communicate meaning effectively
  • Present information in a reader-centric manner
  • General principles of professional email writing
  • Informal vs. formal style in email writing
  • Presentation of emails
  • How to create rapport and warmth through email writing
  • Best practice email writing etiquette
  • Common Problems in Email Writing
  • Formatting Workplace Email
    • Center Locations in Mumbai: Dadar, Andheri, Kandivali & Thane
    • 3 Courses
  • Formatting Workplace Email
    • Salutations and closings
    • Email signature
  • Getting Readers’ Attention
    • Subject line
    • Distribution lists
  • Organizing Contents
    • Writing plans for different purposes
    • Listing, sub-headings and tables
  • Use Correct Language and Appropriate Tone in an Email writing course
    • Formal and informal language
    • Plain English
    • Rapport building
    • Positive words
    • Concise messages
    • Active and passive voice
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