Benefits of English Reading

One day I was at Colaba, Mumbai to attend a seminar. I had reached there earlier than the given time. To pass the time, I started walking.  At flora fountain, I saw some bookshops on the footpath. I went there and started browsing the books. When I asked more about the books, the seller started talking to me in English. I was surprised to see him speaking English. I asked the secret of his fluent English. My friend, his English is the result of a lot of reading. Yes, as a bookseller who has dropped his schooling in 5th, he is always near books. He keeps on reading the books he likes. Reading English has end number of benefits.

Check out three mind-blowing benefits of reading English every day:

 You become a better reader every time you read – You are right, whenever you read something, you learn something. It can be a new word, a phrase or how to make sentences. Unknowingly your mind keeps all the sentences safe. It helps you to use the right sentences when you speak English.

Reading develops all the skills of language learning – Reading helps you to improve all the skills you need to improve your English. By reading every day, you will learn how to speak. You will also learn how to write something. You will also be able to listen and understand everything because you are a good reader.

Reading increases your knowledge and understanding of English language – Reading helps you become familiar with the language. After a period of time, you will see the magic. You will understand it so well that you will be able to catch if any sentence is wrong. It comes naturally.

Now friends, let us focus on how we can be a better English reader.

Here are three Golden rules to be a good English reader:

 Read out aloud –  My friends, reading loudly is very important. When you read English text loudly, you are actually speaking correct English. Imagine you speak correct English for 30 minutes daily for one month. It builds your confidence and develops your English fluency. It helps you to focus on each and every word. Reading loudly is the best way to improve your pronunciation. We, in BM English Speaking classrooms, practice loud reading everyday. The results are outstanding.

Read- repeat – Repetition is important. In the beginning, you should read everything twice. This way, you will adopt the language properly. You will also realize that by reading and repeating, your understanding has improved.

Enjoy reading and learn meanings – Do not forget that reading should be fun. You must enjoy what you read. When you come across words that you don’t understand search for their meanings (Install Dictionary app Note these words and their meanings. If you do not like to read newspapers, read something else. Read novels you like. Read comics. Read magazines. You can also read blogs on the internet. Love what you read. Read what you love.

Here in BM English Speaking Institute, we have specially designed a storybook for you. This book is made to improve your reading and understanding of English. There are so many stories to read in this book. Our certified professional trainers help you in reading. There are many reading activities we conduct in our classrooms. You also learn Loud Reading, Story Building, Word Hunting and much more.

Here is a screenshot of the reading book designed for you.


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