Feedback From Participant

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“I studied in a Gujarati medium school and was constantly facing problems in understanding and writing during lectures. Moreover, whenever I had to interact, I used to feel embarrassed because I made a lot of grammatical mistakes in my Spoken English. This course has helped me to speak very fluent English and I can now also give Presentations confidently. I am sure that after completing my Engineering this fluency in English and my confidence are going to help me in every area of my life – especially in successfully giving interviews, participating in group discussions and in giving presentations.”

Darshan Gosalia
Student SYBE (Electronics)
Somaiya College

“I am from an English Medium school in Mumbai. But whenever we had to give presentations, I was always short of words. I then inquired on the internet and discovered BM English Speaking Institute. After meeting the counselor there, I immediately joined the course. In the course, I went through rigorous Public Speaking practice sessions which helped me a lot. Moreover, Group Discussions and Presentation Skills training at BM English Speaking has totally transformed my communication skills.”

Anshul Vyas
Final Year Engineering Student
Thakur College

“Doing a course at BM English Speaking was a wonderful experience for me. I had completed graduation in commerce from Jodhpur and was trying for admission in a good business school in Mumbai. Though I am from English medium, English was a problem for me. I knew grammar rules but was making a lot of mistakes. After this course, I speak confidently and clearly in English. It would have been impossible to clear the Rizvi College GD & Interview if I had not done the course at BM.”

Abhishek Gupta
Cleared MBA Entrance
Rizvi College

“I am a student of Thakur College in Kandivali. I joined BM English Speaking to improve my English and Communication Skills. But when the trainer told me that my Self-Confidence was low because I did not accept myself, I was shocked. The trainer made me do mirror practice in class and suddenly my confidence went up. After the course, now I speak English confidently with my friends, professors, and other people. Some of them are surprised with the changes that they have seen in me and I tell them the secret is “BM”.”

Narendra Maurya
B. Sc. Student
Thakur College

“I am working for Godrej as a Trainee Engineer.
I used to find it difficult to speak to my seniors. After the course at BM, I got complete clarity regarding grammar which is essential for English. I am now able to speak confidently with my seniors. Also once there was a in-house training in which there was a game where I needed to give an introduction of my co-participants and I could speak fluently and communicate properly.”

Hitesh D. Patil
Third Year Mechanical Engineering

“I study in SY B.Com at Thakur college. Before joining the course at BM I used to feel nervous to mix with people speaking in English and waited for them to speak in Hindi. The same happened with teachers at college. I used to give excuses and avoid presentations. In the BM course, I learned English grammar, presentations from my trainers. I can now speak confidently with anyone.”

Vinay Singh
S.Y.B.Com. Student
Thakur College

“I was in 10th when I did BM Advanced English Speaking course. After doing this course I could understand all the lectures in my Diploma in Electronics Engineering. One more benefit I got is that when students of English medium school speak with me, I can confidently and fluently speak to them. Actually speaking BM has changed my life.”

Piyush Dave
Student of S.S.C.

“After joining the course at BM, just in half a month I gained the confidence to speak in English and once at an exhibition I spoke in English with some foreigners and they bought my paintings. My whole experience was very good at BM.”

Satyendra Yadav
Fine Artist.

“I am 2nd year Engineering Student. I was low on confidence before I joined the BM course. After the course, I developed my confidence a lot also learned to speak correct English.”

Sahaj Dharamraj
S.Y.B.E. Student

“I just was not confident to speak English before doing the course. After the BM course, I can confidently speak in English with anybody so am confident about my future.”

Vaibhav Doshi
Student of S.S.C.

“Trainers were excellent, Worth the money I spent on the course. It built my confidence. I cleared my MBA Entrance and got admission in Atharva College.”

Bhavin Gaglani
M.B.A. Aspirant

“I was unable to write and speak proper English because my grammar was not so good. I didn’t have the confidence to speak fluently even in front of a single person. I realized the importance of these things in my life so I came to BM to make myself perfect in communication & presentation skills.
I really learned a lot from BM. Initially, my grammar improved because of which I gained a lot of confidence in my communication (both written & oral). I learned how to speak fluently without hesitation not only in front of a single person but also in front a group. Faculties, course contents & study materials provided by BM are the best.”

Mohammad Imran Querishi
MBA Student

“Doing this course was a great experience for me. Before joining the course at BM, I faced many problems in communication in English with my teachers and others as I was from vernacular medium. After the course, I have improved my grammar and pronunciation. Now I can speak in correct English with correct pronunciation. The environment of the institute is very friendly and helpful. I don’t want to say “Thank you” to BM and escape from their gratitude. I would like to live in their indebtedness forever.”

Sarita Sulve

“The course of BM English is a good experience for me. I have appeared for final year of M.A. but my English fluency was not very good and so was not confident in myself. After the course at BM, I have gained confidence and can now face interviews and speak English with anyone without hesitation. Our faculty was very good and gave us proper guidance.”

Gitika Thakuria
M.A. Final Year Student

“I failed in my 12th exams. I am from Baroda. I came to Mumbai with some hopes. I joined personality development class – BM English Speaking. I became very confident about myself and I improved my English. Now after two years I have completed my diploma and I am doing a degree course in engineering very confidently.”

Rishikesh Tank
Student of H.S.C.

“I was born and brought up in Bahrain, so I studied in Urdu medium. I knew to speak English but did a lot of mistakes in grammar. So I joined BM. I don’t have words to thank BM for changing my life. BM helped me gain confidence and make me present myself in the right way.”

Gazala Khan

“I joined BM English to improve my grammar and I really improved it and my pronunciation has also improved a lot. I am very lucky to be here and happy to be part of BM English Speaking. I not only improved my grammar I myself am completely changed and openly talk to everyone in a friendly manner. Thank you very much.”

Shabana Khan

“I identified my grammar mistakes and corrected them. I find that my communication improved as from before. I improved my pronunciation and developed my voice. Daily presentation improved my confidence.”

Smita Gardi

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“When I came to BM, I came with a dream to speak English and change my work from selling fruits to becoming a professional. I completed the course which has helped me to understand, speak and write in English. After this course, I also did a professional course in firefighting.”

Manoj Gupta
Fruit Vendor

Feedback from Professional

“After completing my CA from Bihar, I had come to Mumbai in search of a job. But in all my interviews, I was rejected because of incorrect English and Bihari Accent in my English. After completing the BM English Speaking course, I not only started speaking 100% grammatically correct English but also neutralized my accent. Moreover, I immediately started clearing interviews and got a job in Citibank as a Credit Officer. I worked there for six months and because of fluent English and a neutral accent, I cleared an interview for a senior position at ICICI which was my dream job. Thanks to BM English Speaking my English as well as my life have improved dramatically!”

Sudesh Kumar
Area Credit Manager

“My main purpose in coming to BM English Speaking was to speak correct English at my work and develop my personality. I was working with Mahindra and Mahindra and received a feedback that though I was performing well in my work, my communication skills were not up to the mark. Trainers at BM English Speaking taught me to speak English fluently, made me an excellent communicator and I learned to handle difficult situations with ease and a positive attitude. This resulted in me performing well in my job – both in communication and efficiency. I have no words to express my gratitude and thanks.”

Mahadev Gawade 
Deputy Manager
Mahindra & Mahindra

“I still remember the Call Center vacancy advertisement that I had read on Saturday, November 6, 2004, and I came here at BM English Speaking. I was told that my English needs slight improvement and I decided to join immediately. After being trained on how to face interviews, I was sent to Zenta, an international call center and got selected on-the-spot with a starting salary of Rs 12,000. Thanks to BM English for their training & development, support in career advancement and enhancing the quality of my life.”

Rahul Raghani
Customer Care
Fed Ex

“I had regularly got a feedback that I am excellent at my work, but my Communication Skills were not effective. I completed English Communication Skills course at BM English Speaking and it has helped me in speaking fluently, with confidence and in grammatically correct English. Due to enhanced communication skills, I am now able to delegate work more effectively and I am more assertive now.”

Nalin Kumar
Processing Officer
Citi Group (E-Serve)

“I had done my Graduation in Commerce and came to Mumbai in search of a job. I had also completed courses in Networking but was not able to clear interviews. Then through a friend, I came to know about BM English Speaking. After joining the course I could frame grammatically correct sentences and fluently speak English. I was very happy with my performance in interviews and thanks to BM that I got a very good job in Asia Pacific Systems Pvt. Ltd.”

Arun Purohit
Asia Pacific Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Network Engineer

“I was making many mistakes in grammar. Also, I wanted to develop my vocabulary. I completed BM English Speaking course and I am able to fluently speak English. What I learned at BM English Speaking helped me to clear an interview for the post of Human Resources Assistant at Datamatics and I got this job. Moreover, it is also helping me in my daily communication in such a large corporate company.”

Sunil Gangawane
Human Resources

“I am very thankful to you, the way you and your staff supported and helped me to develop my English Speaking & Presentation Skills. After joining BM institute I really like myself & love myself the way I am. I feel very confident. This has also helped me to improve my personality, develop a positive attitude towards my work. In my office, everybody says there are a lot of changes in me & they are very happy the way I am working now. I have a lot of experience & skills in my Electronics field. But as I was poor in English speaking, I always lost my confidence & was unable to face high profile interviews.
But after joining BM institute I gained a lot of confidence within three lectures, it’s really great. Recently I appeared for one of the best interviews in my career with lots of confidence. I really thank BM institute for changing my life!”

Mandar Shigwan
Team Leader – Production & Testing Department
Smarti Systems Pvt. Ltd.

“I am working for JP Morgan as a Security Administrator in Technology department and was required to continuously interact with my seniors in the US. Communicating with International Counterparts was always very challenging and in the BM English Speaking Course, I learned the art of listening, presenting and also how to speak in the Neutral accent. This has helped me a lot.”

Mahendra Thakur
Security Administrator – Technology
JP Morgan

“I work with L&T Infotech as a Design Engineer. I mainly did BM English Course to develop my fluency. I had achieved that very easily due to the compulsory Public Speaking sessions practice that we did in the course. One day, I had to give a presentation in L&T. Though I was not prepared for it, I did it very well and I give full credit to BM English Speaking for training me.”

Harshad Naik
Design Engineer
L&T Infotech

“Before I joined BM English Speaking, I had a fear of Public Speaking. After the course, I am confident of speaking in public. My stage fear has decreased considerably. The course has also helped me improve my sentence formation in English. Compared to before, nowadays I can speak English with anyone confidently.”

Rajeev Sahoo
Associate – Back Office
Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“I work as a Sr. Designer with Reliance Jewelry Watches Pvt. Ltd. Earlier whenever I used to meet people speaking good English, I used to be scared to speak to them. After the course at BM, I became clear about grammar, gained confidence and can now speak to anyone in English. The course has also helped me a lot in being effective at my work.”

Sumeet Vedak
Sr. Designer

“I joined BM in May 2006 for my MBA CET Group Discussion and interview. As GD and personal interview were going to be my first experience, I was not confident. During those two months, I gained not only confidence of speaking in a group but also I improved my vocabulary. My whole personality changed. After that, I cleared my GD and interview and got good college for my post-graduation. Thanks to the trainer for teaching me after working hours and to others who always supported me.”

Chetan Athaley 
MBA Aspirant, Professional

“I would like to thank BM for their hard work behind me which changed my way of speaking English, they do role plays, public speaking, and most important part is grammar. During short a period of time, I improved a lot in my way of speaking English. I would especially recommend this course to vernacular students.” working hours and to others who always supported me.”

Mohammed Hussain Chaudhari
Consultant- DSP Merill Lynch

“Before joining the course I used to speak fast, Used to stammer and was low in confidence.After the course, I have overcome all my weakness and am very high in confidence. Joining the course was a turning point in my life.The best part of it I have a mentor now. And thanks to all the support staff as well.
You made us feel as a part of the family.”

Yogesh Kanchgar
Sr. Business Development Executive

“I work as an Accounts Executive in Yasham Importers. After doing the course at BM, I feel bold and confident. Feel sure so can face with confidence and lead. From the special training on Vision, I created a vision for my life and the sessions on time/money management gave me a clearer path in life. I love reading English now. I got a lot of other things and am running out of words.”

Satish Mane
Accounts Executive
Yasham Importers

“I’m very happy to express my views to you all about BM. My purpose of joining BM was to learn to speak English fluently and get increment in my emolument. During the course, I started speaking fluently with foreign clients confidently. Seeing this my boss increased my salary. In BM, batches are flexible, special attention is given to each and every participant. What they say, they mean it and they do it.”

Balveer Singh
Warehouse Incharge
Prologistics Ltd.

“Working as an office assistant I always wanted to learn English. This course has helped me to speak English with my managers, staff, customers and other people on phone.”

Sunil Yadav
Office Assistant
Architect Manish Shah & Co.

Feedback From Participant who Went Abroad

I am a Hindu priest and perform pujas. My high profile clients speak English and I always felt a need to learn the language. I joined BM English Speaking and I started speaking in English. I am very happy with this institute.

Vijay Dave

“I did BM English Speaking course a year back. Since last three months, I am in Japan. After coming here I realized the importance of English language and also the advantages of going through Public Speaking training at BM! It is helping me a lot in a foreign country where everything I communicate is in English.”

Deven Patel
Network Engineer

“I was a participant of an English communication training sponsored by my company. I improved my grammar, English speaking and vocabulary. As I have to go abroad regularly and communicate often with international executives, this course is helping me in communicating with important people especially seniors.”

Nilesh Kanerkar
Blue Star Design and Equipment

“I work as a manager for Impax Trading in South Africa. Well for me, it really helped me a lot to improve my language and it helps me to meet people around the globe with confidence. I am thankful to all the staff who helped to improve my English language.”

Zahir Abbas Choudhary 
Impax, South Africa

“I always had a dream of working abroad. I completed BM English Speaking course and I got a job in Al-Habtoor Construction Company in Dubai. I am very thankful to BM English.”

Jawed Alam
Got a job in Al-Habtoor Construction

“I work as an Assistant Department Manager. Before I joined the course at BM English Speaking, I wasn’t very confident about speaking in English. Just after completing 50% of the course as I improved my vocabulary and grammar I become confident to speak English, especially during interviews. Also as a result of my confidence, it has improved my eye contact and body language when interacting with people.”

Samir Vichare
Assistant Department Manager
Got a job in Fashion Global Retail

“After doing the course at BM it has completely changed the way I interact with my customers. I experience freedom and confidence when I speak to them. I have also gained a lot of self-respect and developed a positive attitude.”

Nirav Merchant
International Ticketing Executive
Got a job in Wings and Wheels

“The main thing I benefited after doing the course is the confidence to face an interview and also to speak grammatically correct English.”

Krupa Asher
Customer Service
Got a job in IDBI Bank

“My confidence and English improved so much that I cleared four rounds of interview and got selected for the post of an accountant in an investment company where I have to report to the CEO.”

Sheetal Chandan
Got a job in Abroad

“As a result of doing the course at BM, I got a job at HSBC bank as a Senior Department Management Officer. Thanks to all the trainers. “

Mitesh Parmar
Got a job in HSBC as a Sr. Officer

“I am from an English medium school and was working with Navneet Publication as an accountant. I had a dream to speak fluently in English and also to work for a Call Center. I came to know about BM English Speaking course through a friend and I joined the course. After the course, I got a job in an international call center as a Call Center Executive. I have now been promoted to a Mentor (Team Leader). I am very happy that I did a course at BM.”

Parin Gala
Got a job in Sitel as a Mentor

“Though I was a student of a vernacular medium school, I had a dream of speaking fluent English but I did not have hopes. I saw an advertisement and registered. After joining the course I still had doubts. But as the course progressed, my confidence level kept on increasing. This motivated me to put in more efforts and at the end of the course, I had mastered the art of speaking English. A lot of people with whom I interact for the first time ask me if I am from an English Medium school. After hearing this I feel very proud and I tell them that, yes, I am from BM English Speaking School!”

Kavita Mehta
International Ticketing Executive

BM English Speaking Mumbai, BM English Andheri Center, BM English Speaking Borivali Center,BM English Dadar Center, BM English Thane Center Test Your Grammar BM English, Basic Advance English, Basic English Business English Personality Development Train The Trainer IELTS Mumbai Coaching Email Drafting Corporate Training, Spoken English,Business English, Communication Skills Course, English Speaking Course, English Speaking Institute, Contact by English Speaking, Fluent English, People,Courses, English Communication Training, Speak English

“I wanted to speak to my grandson who lives abroad in English and that is why I joined BM English Speaking. I am very happy that now I can speak to him. “

Watch her interview on

“What I liked about the BM English Speaking course is that it is completely practical with a friendly atmosphere and personal attention. In addition to spoken English, it helps to develop an overall personality. Group Discussions, Role Plays, Public Speaking and Personality Development sessions have developed my confidence and many people have appreciated my confidence. I help my husband in his financial services business and am also a housewife. In this course, I have also learned to have a work-life balance which no other course would have taught me. I recommend the BM English Speaking course to everybody.”

Amee Ghia
Businesswoman & Housewife

Participants can send their feedback with a passport size snap (.JPG format) on: mail us on: info@bmconsultantsindia.com