Tips to Prepare for a Personal Interview |How to Prepare for an Interview

Tips to Prepare for a Personal Interview & How to Prepare Effectively an Interview

Prepretion for interview:

Example :

1.Make a very good professional resume

2.prepare a list of positive points that you have. to support and prove the positive quality that you have

3.prepare a list of area of  improvement about the company and get some information  about the company

5.prepare is the list of questions that you are expecting

6.prepare the list of best possible answers

Very important


1.for preparing for an interview is this you reach on time.

2.once you reach there on time.

3.Be ok in case you get nervous.

4.Be comfortable. case you remember that you forgot something. overall you need to be fine with whatever is there with the fear with any mistake that you have

also during an interview maintain eye contact.