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  • PC / Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • SKYPE Software installed on your PC/Laptop (Download it free from www.skype.com)
  • Webcam
  • Headphones

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The world is changing very fast. In this fast changing world interactions have become extremely important. Especially in a business and social environment, it is extremely important that one is able to communicate effectively. In order to communicate one has to use English Language.

Learn English Online Via Skype
In order to speak English fluently, there are many challenges – Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Structuring, Pronunciation, Presentation and Voice Quality. There are many options one has today to learn English – Join a local learning center, buy books, CDs, DVDS. Since technology has evolved and its availability is increasing a new option for Learning English has emerged which is Learning English Online!

BM English Speaking – A professional English Communication Training Institute with 10 years of expertise and a track record of training over a lakh of professionals, students and housewives has launched a Online Course in Spoken English via Skype.

There are many advantages of Online Courses. Some of them are: A learner can attend sessions at his / her convenience of time and place. This saves a lot of time. Also a learner can get connected to the best trainer in a distant place, maybe another country, without travelling.

Ask questions and get answers from experts on any of the following subjects:

  • English Grammar
  • English Fluency
  • Confidence Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Advanced Vocabulary
  • Group Discussions
  • Personality Development
  • Corporate Grooming
  • Voice & Accent
  • Business English
  • Presentation Skills
  • Letter & Email Drafting
Course Includes
  • 15 Grammar lessons with exercises
  • English fluency practice sessions – where a trainer corrects grammatical and pronounciation mistakes of a learner
  • Real life situation conversation practice – where the learner and trainer practice 10 real life situation
  • Presentation Skills – the art and science of delivering effective presentations
  • Email Drafting – How to draft professional emails
How it Works
  • Login to your SKYPE account
  • Add to your contact: learn.english.online.bm
  • Incase of difficulty send email to piyush.bhatia@bmconsultantsindia.com