Voice And Accent Course

Course Objective

Identify and replace pronunciation of sounds, words, and phrases that are influenced by native tongue with the appropriate pronunciation through a voice and accent course.


  • Learn to speak with the flow and rhythm and use appropriate stress patterns
  • Identify and replace some common grammatical errors that are influenced by the native tongue with the correct English forms
  • Speak with greater authority and vocal presence
  • Overcome an 'accent barrier' through a voice and accent course
  • Improve your articulation to avoid ambiguity
  • Correct production of the sounds and structures of English
  • Control over pitch and intonation to express attitude and meaning
  • Accurate, fast listening skills - English becomes clearer when you know its sounds and structures.
  • Accent softening - the skills give you control over your accent
  • Speak with greater clarity and confidence
  • Better understand and use the power and potential of your voice
  • Extend your vocal range through a voice and accent course
  • Pronunciation - accurate production of the 19 vowel and 24 consonant sounds of English
  • Structures - joining words smoothly and using weak/strong forms
  • Spelling and Sound Rules - learn how to select sounds and which ones become silent
  • Intonation - pitch, rhythm, stress and patterns
  • Mother Tongue Interference - speech errors caused by first language
  • Clarity - the key techniques to clear and accurate speech
  • Breathing and posture
  • Tongue position when speaking
  • Mouth muscularity
  • Ability to reproduce and recognize Received pronunciation sounds